Ethical Decision Making Paper

Choose one ethical dilemma below to read and analyze applying the American Counseling Association’s (ACA) Decision Making Model as outlined in the document, “A Practitioner’s Guide to Ethical Decision Making.” Students in the school counseling program are required to select one of the school counselor dilemmas to complete this assignment.

Divide the body of your APA formatted paper into the steps outlined in the ACA document making sure to address all questions for each section. The body of your paper should be 6-9 pages.  Your paper should also include an abstract, title page, and reference page, written in APA style.  Your paper should be well thought out and demonstrate critical thinking.

When you have completed your paper, save your paper as an MS word document, under your name and assignment title, (Example: Doe_J_ethical_decision_paper). Download your paper to safeassign using the draft link in Blackboard for week 7. Submission of the draft of your paper will automatically submit a copy to safeassign. Your goal is to get a safeassign similarity index of less than 25%. When your report is less than 25% matching, submit your final copy to the “Final submission” link. If the final paper you submit has a similarity index > 25% it may indicate either unintentional or intentional plagiarism. You may be contacted by your instructor.

Upload your paper as an MS word document to Livetext. In addition, you will also need to copy and paste each section of your paper into the Livetext template.


This paper is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.


Ethical Dilemma 1

Amanda, a counselor in a public high school, decides to start a “relationship skills” group for juniors and seniors. She posts an advertisement for the group in the school counseling office.     Her advertisement provides minimal information including the name of the group, the date and time of the first meeting and the school counseling office secretary is listed as the contact. Amanda instructs the secretary for the counseling office to admit the first nine students who call to enroll. The secretary adds students to the group as they call in irrespective of the nature of their problems, their personal goals for the group or previous experience with group.

At the first meeting, nine students show up including seven females and two males.            Having never talked with or met the students before, Amanda begins by asking them to share why they have come to the group. One of the males, Paul, shares that he was new to the high school this year, and had just been released from a detention center after serving one year for domestic violence.  Paul states that he has “anger issues” especially directed at “women”.          At break, five of the females leave and do not return to the group. Paul breaks down in the group and states that he is going to kill himself when he gets home.    

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