ethics based on philosophical perspective

Choose any one philosopher mentioned in your readings in Chapter 7, anyone from Aristotle to Carol Gilligan. (Note that it will probably help to choose a philosopher with whom you think you can identify with.) Find and document three Internet resources that discuss that philosopher’s ethical views or theories in ways that help you understand them better:

Begin your written assignment by mentioning which philosopher you have chosen and by mentioning briefly why you chose that particular individual. Then, for the bulk of the assignment, try to put yourself in that philosopher’s shoes. In other words, analyze the class discussion on ethics (using material from both weeks) from the perspective of the philosopher you have chosen. You might want to consider, for example, ways that your philosopher would agree or disagree with the overall spirit of the discussion, or with particular aspects of it. (Make sure you explain why you think this is the case by referring to what you know about them in the textbook and in the Internet resources you found.)The length of your assignment will depend on how thorough your answer is, and how clear and concise your writing skills can be. Generally speaking, your assignment should be approximately 4-5 pages long (not counting cover page, double-spaced, font size 12; about 1500-2000 words). You have two weeks to complete this assignment. It is due by the end of the next module (week 5).

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