Evidence Based Business Report ? Goal Setting, Goal Achievement Plan & Success Criteria

A short management report, focused on the core question, fully referenced (Harvard Referencing) on a separate page.
Appendices may be included to provide supporting data, but all appendices must be discussed in the main document.
The report must be double-spaced, with Times New Roman font, size 12, 2.5 cms margin on all sides.
Sections must be numbered, as found in common business reports.

For this assessment, you will be required to develop three (3) goals related to
your program of study, develop a timetable for these goals demonstrating how
they fit with your overall study schedule, and support this with three criteria
for success. You will need to be able to demonstrate how you will be able to
determine you have been successful in achieving your goals. This must be
supported by relevant academic references and resources demonstrating the
suitability of the goals, timelines and success criteria that you have
Your goals, timelines and success criteria will be appendices for this
assessment; however, they must be referenced in the body of your evidence
based business report. This means the description of the goals, timelines and
success criteria will NOT be included in your word count.

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