Examine recent information on a key social issue in the U.S

Assignment #1: November 27

Learning Objective:
This paper will give you an opportunity to examine recent information on a key social issue in the U.S. You will also practice the skill of analyzing and critiquing information (a useful research skill) as well as seeing the significance of the information for understanding larger social issues.

For this reflective paper, you will examine recent findings from the Urban Institute. The information is all available on the Urban Institute website at the following link http://www.urban.org/index.cfm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You will be able to select from several topic areas that reflect the wide rage of interest of students in the course.

Click on the Research link at the top of the webpage, and select from any of the topics area that are available (e.g. Families, Aging, Crime & Justice, Immigration, Income and Wealth, Race, etc). After you select the topic of your choice, read any one of the articles/reports on the topic, and write a reflective paper (approximately 3-5 pages) following the guidelines below:

  • Provide a brief overview of the topic/issue and some of the key ideas presented in the report or report summary. What is the larger social context for the article & discussion.
  • Discuss the overall social significance of the article and its findings. I other words, how does the article relate to broader sociological topics such as social stratification, race or gender inequality, and/or key institutions such as family, healthcare or education?
  • Discuss any key sociological concepts that we have discussed into your discussion. How does this article build on your understanding of these concepts?
  • What facts revealed in this report were of key interest to you & why? How would you critique the article? Do you have additional questions or concerns about the research and/or findings?

Format and Style: Double Space, Title page, Reference page with citation; APA or MLA Style (the link below is a great resource for citing references in papers)

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