Exercise 2.4


Exercise 2.4 


Diabetes affects a growing number of Americans. An APRN working in a local hospital is part of a collaborative of community agencies strategically addressing diabetes from a community perspective.


1. What social determinants of health should the community look at in relation to risk or incidence of diabetes?

2. What resources could the APRN use to identify different outcomes related to diabetes?

3. What outcomes related to diabetes are of most interest to community members?

4. Using the AHRQ’s Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report Data Query (nhqrnet.ahrq.gov/inhqrdr/data/submit), what related national and state level data are available to the APRN?



  1. 1. You should address each question  in the exercise you select. 
  3. 2. Your work should have in-text citations integrating at a minimum one scholarly article from this week’s readings and course textbook. 
  5. 3. APA format should be utilized to include a reference list. 
  7. 4. Correct grammar, spelling, and APA should be adhered to when writing, work should be scholarly without personalization or first person use.


Curly Cupp, L. A. (2020). Population-based nursing: Concepts and competencies for advanced practice. (3rd ed.). Springer Publishing Company.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Population-Based Nursing
  • Chapter 2: Identifying Outcomes in Population-Based Nursing
  • Chapter 3: Epidemiological Methods and Measurements in Population-Based Nursing Practice: Part 1 (Formulas/Calculations are not required.)
  • Chapter 10: The Role of Accreditation: Page 252-3, Table 10.2; Page 254-5, Building Relationships


Fawcett, J., & Ellenbecker, H. C. (2015). A proposed conceptual model of nursing and population health. Nursing Outlook, 63(3), 288-298. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.outlook.2015.01.009


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Levy, N. (2018). Legal issues…patient advocacy and the nursing role. CINAHL Nursing Guide. EBSCO Publishing.



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