Exercise 3

Please complete ALL 7 questions: if you are not an expert please do not bid. 

I must have an A on this.

 (The use of dollar signs are required for these exercises where money is being referenced)

Resource: Ch. 5–7 of Financial Accounting

Complete Exercises BE5–1, BE5–2,          BE6-5, BE6-7,                   BE7-4, BE7-5, & BE7-6.

Submit on Microsoft® Excel® template that will be provided.

week 8 template.xlsx 


(professor hint )

BE5-1:  pg. 228, Illus. 5-1; pg. 240 Illus. 5-7, 5-8; pg. 243, Illus. 5-11
BE5-2:  pg. 238 (Wedell);


(professor hint)

BE6-5: pgs. 287-291
BE6-7: pgs. 295-296, Illus. 6-15

Financial_Accounting_6e_Ch07 (1).pdf 

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