Explain how the vision, mission, and value of the new division align with the company’s mission and vision

Strategic Plan Part 1: Proposal of a New Division

Propose a new product or service for the new company division. The division should be customer-focused with an innovative mission statement. Ensure you are differentiating your product or service

The new product I am proposing to Apple is a recording label called iT.L., which stands for “iThe Label”. iThe Label will be an extension from the Apple Music family including Apple Music and iTunes. Since the launch of Apple Music and iTunes, we have given the artist a prestige platform to sell their music and for consumers to stream the music they love, but now it is time to take it to the next level. Our mission is to transform the music Artist into a business entity while providing consumers one reliable platform to purchase music to enhance our status as the leader in distribution of musical content. iThe Label will differentiate from Apple music and iTunes by signing Artist to record deals instead of per song deals. We do not see any reason to own rights to just a song when we can own the Artist as a whole.

Describe how the division addresses customer needs and achieves competitive advantage

With all the new ways to download, stream and purchase music, buyers have a difficult time locating musical content. Some sites and distributors only have a certain number of songs, updates on tours and a consumer favorite visual artwork. iThe Label will address customer needs by minimizing that search time and enabling music lovers to purchase high quality musical content from one reliable source while making the additional perks accessible to the consumer. iThe Label will provide exclusive updates, tours and songs for all Apple product users and give our in-house artist full creative control of their musical content to tailor to the core fans that love them. iThe Label plans to achieve competitive advantages by signing huge artist deals which will make us the only source to distribute the signed artist musical content. If we have ownership of the artist our competitors will have to make album deals with us to be able to distribute our musical content instead of us making per song deals with them.

Create a vision and a business model for this new division that clearly demonstrates your decision on what you want your business to become in the future

The vision for iThe Label is to transform musicians into a self-made business. We will do so by operating our artist as corporations. We plan to replace the managing team with a C.E.O. to make business related decisions for our artist instead of just managing them. Most artist miss plenty business opportunities due to lack of knowledge. Implementing a C.E.O. will help increase branding tactics that can assist our artist and organization in taking advantage of most if not all business ventures. Our business model is to provide consumers across the globe with a “one stop shop” reliable source to purchase albums, stream and listen to their favorite artist. We plan to generate revenue by selling musical content and merchandise. We will also profit by providing our musicians with high quality endorsements and by hosting world tours to showcase their talents across the globe. iThe Label will market musicians of all genres pertaining to a wide variety of demographics. The expenses that iThe Label will incur are:

· Artist development

· Staff

· Recording Studios

· Microphones

· Recording Hardware and Software

· Monitors, desktops and laptops

Explain how the vision, mission, and value of the new division align with the company’s mission and vision

Apple’s mission statement is Farfan (2017),”Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.” iThe Labels vision, mission and value align with Apple’s mission and vision due to the commitment iThe Label will display in regards to creating the best music experience for consumers. Since the beginning of Apple Inc., creating this significant experience through innovative products and services has been top priority. With the branch of the new division iThe Label, we will continue to uphold this Apple standard. We will use in-house Apple products and service to provide high quality musical content which will allow consumers to understand how great all apple products while boosting sales across the board. Apple has been consistent in releasing top products in various markets, by signing the best musicians in the industry we will continue this tradition and create the best music, shows and other music related experience for our consumers.

Summarize how the vision, mission, and values guide the division’s strategic direction

At iThe Label we are all about entrepreneurship. Our vision, mission and values guide our strategic direction by giving our artist the knowledge and resources to showcase their musical talent while providing entrepreneurship opportunities. Instead of directing all energy into music, will show the artist how to become successful business men and women by branding themselves and capitalizing on opportunities outside of just making music.

Define your guiding principles and values for your division in the context of culture, social responsibility, and ethics

Kokemuller (2018), “Organizational development is a virtual overhaul of the way a company operates to improve its effectiveness in all aspects of business operations”. Guiding principles and values for iThe Label in the context of culture will be to foster innovation, teamwork and a business atmosphere within the organization. Members of our organization will be held accountable for each other which will create a positive team cohesion throughout the company. Leaders of the organization are to empower and give encouraging support by balancing the appeal to emotions and logic to diminish ego and build trust. Our guiding principle for our division in the context of social responsibility is the people come first. That includes employees, stockholders, investors and most importantly our consumers. We will run our place of employment with integrity and operate in concurrence with laws and regulations. As far as ethics, we understand that every community is society is diverse and we plan to work with the entire organization, community leaders and partners to make sure that our platform aligns with their goals. We will handle employee and company disputes accordingly by providing a clear understanding of right and wrong behavior as those situations occur. Here at iThe Label we do what is right for the community while taking responsibility for our actions and make no excuses to increase company integrity.

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