FDLE internship

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Internship

Duration: Mat 6th-July 26th, 270 hours.

Location: Miami Regional Operation Center.


The final reflection paper should assess your success in achieving your learning objectives, highlight your insights into the agency and field of criminal justice, and summarize your overall experience. The paper should be a minimum of 6-8 pages (not including the title page, table of contents, and reference page) for undergraduate students, typed and double-spaced, with Times New Roman, 1″ margins, and 12 point font. The paper should include a title page, table of contents, body of paragraphs with subheadings (listed below), and a reference page with at least 3 cited works formatted in APA 7. Examples of appropriate references are scholarly books and/or journal articles discussing the importance of internships, agency websites, and interviews/personal communication with agency supervisors. References must be in APA 7th Edition format.


The final paper must address the topics below and use “headings” below to divide each section within your paper. The final paper must include:


  1. I APA 7th Edition Formatted Student Title Page (5 points)
  3. II Table of Contents (5 points)
  5. III Overview (15 points)
    • A description of the organization/agency that includes a breakdown of how the agency is organized as well as its mission/mission statement
    • A description of your internship duties and responsibilities


IV.  Objectives, Challenges, and Insights (35 points)

    • Why you chose to complete an internship (your objectives) and selected this internship, in particular? Neither improving your knowledge of language used by criminal justice professionals nor overcoming your fear of public speaking are appropriate objectives.
    • Whether you accomplished your objectives during the internship.
    • Indicate how you accomplished each. If you didn’t accomplish some, indicate why you were unable to do so.
    • Your biggest challenge during this internship, how you overcame that challenge, 
    • and what you learned from the challenge.
    • Any insights that you gained into the practices/problems associated with this particular line of work.
    • Your contributions to the agency/organization; be specific.
    • The best and worst aspects of the internship; be specific.


V. Conclusion (30 points)

    • The value (professional and/or personal) you received from the internship
    • How the internship experience solidified or changed your career focus
    • Which classes and/or classroom experiences prepared you for the internship; how those classes and/or classroom experiences prepared you; be specific.
    • Which additional courses, if any, or experiences are needed to continue preparing for your future career; be specific.


VI.  Reference Page (a minimum of 3 are required, formatted in APA 7th Edition; (5 points)


***Papers will also be graded for organization, writing quality, proofreading, as well as grammar and mechanics (5 points)

Final reflection papers will be graded using the attached grading sheet

Please only submit a word doc of your paper. No PDFs please.

All assignments must go through Turnitin in for plagiarism and AI usage detection.


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