Final Research Project

Final Research Project

The Final Research Project asks you to evaluate the appropriateness of a specific organization’s Employee Development (ED) policies and practices in terms of their strategic goals, objectives, and the current environment of constant change to stay competitive. For this 10-page double-spaced paper, you should do the following:

  Use your own organization since that will allow you access to your human resource department and strategic materials or you can use a company of your choosing that has a company website with useful information or has had articles published in peer reviewed journals about their HRD practices.

  Collect information from the company or other research source regarding its ED policies and practices

  Examine information from the company’s publications (e.g., annual reports, websites, etc.) concerning its performance and practices

  Use the textbook, course readings, Discussion Boards, and your own research into at least ten (10) academic resources (books and professional and/or scholarly journals that are refereed or peer-reviewed) to develop a “model” or logical description of how the ideal company in this situation should handle the functional areas of human resources. Explain this model to back up and support your analysis, positions, and the recommendations in your evaluation.

  Analyze and evaluate your company findings, pinpointing practices and programs that (a) should be changed or modified to better meet the organization’s performance objectives and (b) those currently in use that are optimal for their objectives based on your model of the ideal company practices for their situation.

  Research change management and examine the company’s current training and development. So they prepare their employees change management?

  The Evaluation Project should be a minimum of 10 pages of research using APA approved guidelines.

Remember this paper is an analysis of employee development practices within a company, not a report on the company. Everything you discuss should be linked to human resource practice or it should not be included.

Assignment Checklist:

You will assess employee development functions and activities from orientation and skills training to career development and organizational development as they relate to their specific contributions to the strategic objectives and environmental fit for overall organizational success.

  Critique the organization’s employee development practices through review of company documents in alignment with the company’s strategic objectives and ability to adapt to change.

  Analyze and evaluate company findings to better meet the organization’s performance objectives and the current business environment.

  Defend a “model” or logical description of how the ideal company in this situation should handle the functional areas of training and development.

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