for international security course Essay

Kindly choose ONE of the below stated questions:
Research Essay Questions:

1.Which kind of strategy is more relevant to defeating ISIS ?counter-terrorism or counter-insurgency? Why?

2.Kenneth Waltz,is his 1981 paper?The Spread of Nuclear Weapons:More May Be Better? proclaimed that as nuclear weapons ?make the cost of war seem frighteningly high and thus discourage states from starting any wars that might lead to the use of such weapons?2,the spread of nuclear weapons should therefore not be discouraged as a result. Do you agree with Waltz? In your answer make reference to the prospect of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East (Iran? Saudi Arabia?) or East Asia (South Korea? Japan?).

3.Which theoretical approach ?Realism, Liberalism or Constructivism -provides the most persuasive explanation of the seizure of the Crimea from the Ukraine by Russia and the ongoing conflict there?

FURTHER READING FOR QUESTION NUMBER 2: Waltz, K. 1981, ?The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: More May Be Better? Adelphi Papers, no. 171, London Institute for Strategic Studies, p.3.

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