Foundations of Quality Management paper

Foundations of Quality Management


Using the information provided within the scenario, you are Tony Fields. Therefore, you must carefully analyze the scenario specifics and hidden elements that are at the root cause of Electrons problems to develop the Quality Improvement Plan that must be presented to senior management. Your response must be presented in two parts.

It is important that you address the issues presented within the scenario from a holistic business perspective. Consider ALL factors included within the scenario. The issues are larger than addressing manufacturing and inspection. Quality is related to the overall business operations not just the manufacturing and quality area. Solutions start with looking at the business strategy and long-term plans and goals and then work their way to the specifics of the operations. Items to consider include:

  • Organizational structure, culture, and leadership • Customer Focus and CRM • Risk Management • Constraints • Data, Metrics and Information • Processes and process Improvement • Contract Review • Supplier Quality Management • Benchmarking
  • Part One: Analysis Phase: Develop the analysis of the current business situation and root causes using a combination of the following tools: • SWOT analysis • Fishbone Diagram • Data Analysis • Direct process observation • Employee communications

    Part Two: Plan Development Phase: Using the information provided from the Analysis Phase develop Quality Improvement Plan. Plan should be developed with keeping a proper flow of what was identified and then what process changes or initiatives will be implemented to address the root causes.

    For example, if you identify a weakness in your SWOT analysis, what will you do to address the weakness? Data and information that you use will be fictitious but must be included and presented using graphs or charts where appropriate. It is key to consider what type of information/data you collected, what issues were the information/data identifying, and then how will you address the issue the information/data is identifying.


    • paper must address both parts of the assignment.
    • There must be a good “flow” to your paper logically addressing the scenario and presenting your plan.

    The Paper: The paper must be between 10 pages. The page count does not include graphs or charts. The page count may be exceeded due to charts and graphs. paper should have 5 peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years. Paragraph in-text citation (each paragraph need to be cited).100% quality work needed.

    Presentation: Executive Summary of the paper. the presentation will provide an overall summary and include supporting charts, graphs, and information as needed. Presentation would cover Quality Improvement Plan that will address the business and quality concerns for short and long-term business health

    Note: Find the attached document for the scenario

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