Geopolitics in Key Nations

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation containing 8 slides, including introduction, conclusion, and reference slides. Include detailed speaker notes with each slide.

Scenario: You are attending the company board meeting with your supervisor, the VP of Information Technology. The U.S.-based company is considering expanding into 100 countries worldwide. You will be presenting to the Board of Directors so they can understand the cyber threat each key nation poses to the company and can make a more informed decision on how best to achieve international growth. Your task is to:

  • Accurately define geopolitics.
  • Identify the geopolitics of key nations (include at a minimum: U.S., China, Russia, Israel, and Iran).
  • Accurately describe the differences of each key nation’s political stance on cyberwar.
  • Describe past international cyber conflicts and the resulting impact on the economy of each nation involved.
  • Accurately define cyberattack.
  • State the impact of cyber-attacks on U.S. companies.

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