Graduation and inspiration one page each

Preparing the assignment

There are three parts to this assignment. Speak with your faculty member if you have questions.

1.      Letter for Graduation (30 points/24%)

1.      Write a letter to yourself on your graduation day.

2.      Consider the following questions as you compose your letter.

i.     How do you hope you have changed in terms of knowledge and skills, and personally?

ii.      What would you like to remind yourself about your inspiration for choosing this career?

iii.      You will be preparing to take the NCLEX-RN® exam and to start your first job as a baccalaureate-prepared nurse. Are there any words of encouragement that you would like to tell your future self?

iv.      Are there any words of caution you want to tell yourself—pitfalls to avoid?

v.     What kind of nurse do you hope you become? What further growth and change do you envision for yourself?

3.     Link this letter to your ePortfolio “About Me” section.

2.      Inspiration (30 points/24%)

1.      Creates a one-page vision board that reflects own inspiration and motivation for becoming a nurse. The format may be a PowerPoint slide, word document, infographic etc.

2.      Includes pictures, a collage, a series of quotes, etc. Choose words and images that are meaningful to you. This should be a page that you can post somewhere, perhaps where you study, to motivate yourself as you move forward on your journey to become a nurse.

3.      Links the inspiration to your ePortfolio’s “About Me” section.

3.      Presentation (65 points/52%)

1.      Presents the inspiration to the class.

2.      Describes the inspiration and the relationship of the inspiration to being a nurse.

3.      Answers the following questions during presentation:

i.     What does your inspiration mean?

ii.    What concept challenged you during this course?

iii.   What has been the greatest lesson you have learned?

iv.   How will what you have learned help you be successful at Chamberlain University?


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