Group Case Study

Read the case below and consider the questions that follow.

Case Study

Be sure to review the case study about Valley Wide Utilities at the end of Chapter 12 before participating in the group case study. Valley Wide Utilities Company thinks its Management by Objective (MBO) program is broken and is about to scrap it. Your team thinks it’s worth saving and wants to make a report to the leadership team. To prepare for that report, answer the following case study questions

Case Study Questions

Please answer the following questions as a group.

  • What is the current performance priority for the company? After reading the case, what does your team think it should be?
  • What are the current problems with the way MBO is being used to set objectives and review performance? When did the problems start?
  • What plan would your team propose for intervention in an attempt to set MBO practices back on the path to success?

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