SP2750 GROUP THEORY RESEARCH 5.1 Assessment Preparation Checklist: To prepare for the assessment, review the topics “Valuing Diversity” from pp. 412-445, “Cooperative Learning in the Classroom: from pp. 446-472, and “Leading Growth and Counseling Groups: from pp. 473- 497.

Title: diversity in Groups

To complete this assessment:

* Research the ITT Tech Virtual Library and the Internet to read about inter-cultural communication.

* Analyze the importance of inter-cultural communication and describing ways to improve communication across cultures.

* Write a three page analytical report on inter-culture communication using the following questions:

+ What is inter-cultural communication?

+ Why inter-cultural communication is important in today’s workplace?

+ In what ways do cultural differences impact verbal and nonverbal communication?

+ How can inter-cultural communication be accomplished when people are so vastly different?

+ What strategies do you suggest for meeting the major challenges to inter-cultural communication in your life and profession?

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