What guidelines can be learned from this vignette about developing DSS?

1, What guidelines can be learned from this vignette about developing DSS?

  1. List and briefly describe Simon’s four phases of decision making.

  2. What is the difference between a problem and its symptoms?


The main project: In this project, you are either work on the hypothetical company or an existing company. In either case, you are supposed to develop a Business Intelligence Development Plan for a local corporation. In this project, you will follow the process and format part

1: The document should be in the following format (use Word document):

Part 1

· Business Intelligence Development Plan – Use the APA template

. Title page

Course number and name project

  1. name

  2. Student name

  3. Date

. Table of contents

. Use the auto-generated TOC.

. Make it a maximum of 3 levels deep.

. Be sure to update the fields of the TOC so that it is up-to-date before submitting your project

. Section headings (create each heading on a new page)



. Business Intelligence Justification

. Business Performance Plan

. Business Performance Methodologies

. Data Classification and Visualization Assessment

. Data-Mining Methods and Processes

Provide, a rough draft of the company incorporate the conceptual foundations of decision making does

. Simon’s four phases of decision making: intelligence,

. design, choice, and implementation apply to your project?

. How the process works in relates to the essential definition of DSS

. Explain the important DSS classifications

How DSS support for decision making can be provided in practice review

. DSS components and how they integrate

You will work on this project incrementally as it is posted. Each week; you will do part of this project and submit at the due date.Your project must be supported by the scholarly sources and that you cite each source both in-text and in the References section using APA. The first section of new content will be as follows:

Business Intelligence Justification (Week 1 IP): 6- 8 pages describe )excluding from the cover page and the reference sheet)

the background and the general business environment for the project define

. at least 10 problems related to decision making that currently exist in the organization.

. Describe the typical organizational response to the above 10 problems using the business pressure-responses-support model.

. Describe the quantitative and qualitative impact of the organizational response to the 10 problems on managerial decision making.

. Describe how business intelligence can be used to support problem-solving and decision support in the case study organization.

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