HCM3008 WEEK2 – System Analysis

HCM3008 WEEK2 – System Analysis 

This week, you will conduct system analysis. System analysis is a process of collecting, organizing, and evaluating data about the information systems and the environment in which the system operates. For this section, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What is the current system for your fictional healthcare organization?
  • What problems do you have with the current system? Where do its weaknesses lie?
  • What changes will the implementation of a new system yield, and how will they impact the working of the organization?
  • Would you like to extend the existing system or replace it?
  • What is your phase-out plan for the existing system?

Complete the assignment in a 3–5-page Word document 

For the Week 2 project assignment, I would use the following template: 

SYSTEM ANALYSIS (include this on your Title Page)

ACE WELLNESS CLINIC – System Analysis (something like this can be use for a running title or title.)

Current System – Write about the type of system your facility currently uses. Describe whether it’s a paper based system, an older model electronic medical record (EMR) system, or maybe it’s a combination of a computer and paper based system. Once you decide what kind of system you currently have, tell how the system operates to do such things as schedule appointments, report lab results, write prescriptions, keep track of records, etc.

Problems and Weaknesses – Write about problems and weaknesses you have with the current system. In other words, why do you want to update or replace the current system? Does it operate efficiently? do you have problem with scheduling appointments? Are prescriptions hard to read? Are manual charts hard to keep track of? Write about things like this that show the need for a new or updated system.

Proposed Changes – Write about what you hope the new system will change about your facility’s operation to improve the procedures. Describe changes the new system will bring to facility and how they will affect patient care, and other procedures.

System Extension or Replacement – Write about whether you will update your current system electronic medical record system to improve it with new technology; or, write about your decision to replace the entire system with a new state of the art electronic medical record (EMR), electronic health record (EHR) or some other electronic health information management system.

Phase-Out Plan – Write about the steps the facility will take to change from the old system to the new system. If you have manual records, how will they be entered into the new system? What will the timeline look like to complete this plan. 

Submit it to the  W2: Assignment 2 Dropbox by Week 2, Day 6.

Cite any sources in the APA format.

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