He strategy/change mgmt

A 2-3 paragraphs per section.

Apply knowledge of correct use of APA style.

Apply masters-level skill in critical thinking, research, and writing.

Part 1

As a human resources consultant, how can you convince the leadership team of an organization you are familiar with to take a more long-term investment approach to their human assets that will lead to a qualified, satisfied, motivated, and committed workforce?

As you describe this organizational experience, consider the perspectives of senior leadership. Are these leaders seeking simple solutions to the complicated challenges of the present? Are they tradition-bound? What is their view of the HRM field?

Part 2

You have been promoted from a human resource generalist to the position of deputy HR director for CapraTek. Your supervisor has assigned you to help implement a workforce strategy, but she has told you that you are to use tools that include the traditional HR areas of recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation, and employee relations. Your boss is very traditional and is known as a no-nonsense professional. Others see her as inflexible and behind the times.You cannot use workforce planning, workforce management, succession planning, leadership development, reorganization, or other materials in this course.

Consider the following conditions as you approach the implementation of a new workforce strategy for CapraTek:

o CapraTek is having difficulty retaining all forms of engineering professionals (civil, mechanical, and electrical).

o The new president is forward-looking and has stated the HR organization is anchored in the past and overly focused on compliance.

o While there are no problems with CapraTek managers seeking promotion, the quality of these same people is mediocre, at best.

Part 3

What is your understanding of the Five Disciplines of a learning organization as described by Senge?

Why does it appeal to you as an approach to change?

What concerns do you have?

What are you noticing about the importance of language as a lever for change?

Why does the learning organization and the Five Disciplines seem an appropriate methodology for change management?

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