Health Promotion

Once again, groups should be preparing to submit their Week 7 Pocket Guides. Just like in Week 2 & 4, the student assigned to Week 7 should submit a final pocket guide, one for each of the topics. To submit your guidelines, take a photo, as noted in the example, of each guideline you created so that the heading and date are visible. You do not need to send every page of each guide. Post a weblink for each of the standard health promotion guidelines(s) your group was responsible for along with any additional helpful resources that were found related to health promotion and disease prevention.





This weeks pocket Guide topics are

-Motor Vehicle Occupant Restraints-including Texting or distracted    driving

-Ovarian Cancer

-Rh (D) Incompatibility: Screening



Attached below is screen shot example of week 4 posted by another student received grade 100%

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