Horton (2014) proposed, “ We need to investigate factors that affect an individual’s ability to care for him /herself [since] [often] they are factors outside of the individual’s control that hinders [personal health responsibility] PHR’’(p.9). Resnik (2006) and Brownell et al. (2010) identified some of these factors that are outside of an individual’s PHR. Frieden (2013) explored the government’s role in protecting health and safety”      

Questions. Considering these factors that influence health, what variables are within an individual’s control, and what other entities should take responsibility for assuring the health of the individual? Give clear examples of individual and social interventions that support health.

·       Develop a thesis statement that addresses the complex interplay between individual PHR, society, the government, and other variables.

·       Use evidence from all required articles, and cite using APA in-text citation format

·       The references page will include all 4 sources

·       Do not use additional, outside sources

·       Write for reader who may not know anything about health promotion.

·       Cite APA style format, both inside the paper and on references pages.

·       Include a title page and reference page.

·       Paper should be 5-6 full pages of text ( not including title page, abstract page, or reference).

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