Hispanic Diaspora and Chicano Identity in the United States

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Hispanic Diaspora and Chicano Identity in the United States

The Mexicans immigration to United States resulted into a lot of crises since the U.S. government was against their entry. Many innocent people from Mexico faced torture as they migrated to U.S. in search for jobs. The writer reports with a lot of courage on how the Mexicans had some hidden agendas, but to my opinion the torture was inhuman. This was a total violation of civil rights requiring the intervention of the United Nations. The migration of Mexicans and Latin Americas in United States created the Hispanic Diaspora. On the other hand, the Americans took advantage of Mexican immigrants and made them work hard and for long in their mines without pay. The immigrant workers faced many dangers that were unnecessary. The article narrates stories of different victims who faced the real torture in the United States’ boarder. The Hispanic Diaspora united and formed a community that lived in fear of attack by the Americans (Gutierrez 203-205).

The Mexican people had an advantage because they belonged to a religion that offered education on the distinction between what was wrong and right. Presently a pleasant cooperation between the Mexican settlers and Americans is significance showing a sign of unity. People need to unite and work as a group because God created us as one, and we should always take care of others. The situations shown on the article are truly condemned in the society. In addition, building of the good relationship between the American and Mexican settlers has encouraged exchange of skilled laborers across borders. The international trade would not be present if the Spanish immigration to America never occurred between 1492 and 1821. The immigration shows that countries should encourage sharing of ideas and advices with the neighbors since it forms a perfect way of improving the economy (Gutierrez 210).

Second, the article focuses on differences among groups that resulted into a lot of conflicts. The American Diaspora subgroup affected the intercultural communication and relationships in the ancient times. Presently, the people leaving within the national borders of Mexican and America are considered as Mexican Diaspora. The Mexican Diaspora consists of Americans and Mexicans who came together and decided to improve themselves by ignoring the racial and ethnic crises. More of credit goes to the United States since they have contributed a lot to creating of peace among the Mexicans in order to come up with a common community. The communities got rid of forced laborers and started hiring people across borders. The arguments presented by the article are a clear indication that Americans regretted what they did to their fellow Mexicans 1996.

Finally, the article describes the formation of the Chicano Diaspora. The Diaspora was formed by the protesting Mexican Americans who wanted an identity from the United States. From the article, a lot of racism and ethnicity discrimination is present. The movement of people around the globe contributes a lot in the development of a nation. Anyone slowing down the rate of growth has no place on this earth since it means people are returning to the ancient times. The teachings from the torture received by the Mexicans should be a lesson to the people who still believe in slavery. Moreover, more research should be conducted to clearly address the issue of intercultural communication issues that presently affect people from different communities living together.

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