history, importance, and effects title IX had on sports and society

Please use the standard header (name, class, date, professor + running header with last name and page number if your prospectus is more than one page long), and double-space your prospectus.BGSD/BSPS 4210
Prospectus Guidelines

The prospectus is a fully-developed research plan that will help you pull together your research materials as you think about how to pursue your research question and develop your thesis.

In 2-3 typed pages, a prospectus should
describe your topic
state what you already know about it
state your primary research question
propose a working thesis (one way to think of a working thesis is as [a] possible answer[s] to your research question that you will test as you continue your thinking about and research into your topic)
outline the primary support (evidence + reasoning about the evidence in relation to your working thesis) that you will use to develop and refine your thesis
identify the sources containing that evidence
indicate contradictions to or different perspectives on your thesis (or contradictory pieces of support that you will have to account for)
identify the sources that contain these differences
explain why your insight into this topic is significant and interesting (how does your thesis pass the “so what? test?)

Remember that your prospectus is a planning document; while it will provide the foundation for your finished paper, it is not intended to be the paper itself, or to state exactly what your final paper will say (that is, it is not an abstract of an essay already written, but an anticipation of what will come based on the preliminary research you’ve done). You will discover as you do further research that you might need to make changes to your initial plan and to your thesis (often substantial ones).
talk about the history, importance, and effects title IX had on sports and society.

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