History of Intersectionality

1. Summarize Intersectionality from 1960’s through 1990’s?
2. Identify various groups involved in the inception of Intersectionality?
3. Explain the importance of social movement and activism?
4. Identify, summarize, and connect Combahee River Collectives work?
5. What role do women of color play in the development of the framework of Interesectionality?
6. What role does Kimberly Crenshaw play?
In your response, all students must cite from the readings using simple citations (Page #, Paragraph
#, and Line #). Students should quote when necessary. Do not use outside resources for this
Submission Format
● Please type your assignment directly into Moodle using the online text option.
● Please make sure to create clear sections for your response. Do not turn a single
paragraph work or lump your answer into one response. I will deduct points to if your
response is not clearly marked as you are answering question 1, 2, sub-question 1, etc.

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