History of Science – James Young Simpson’s House, specifically discovery of chloroform as an anaesthetic

I will provide sources (and I will send my notes and outline that I have already done), but would be great be great if you could find one more about history of anaesthesia/medical practice at the time/before introduction of anaesthesia/after introduction of anaesthesia.

-Make sure that your essay has a clear introduction (in which you get the readers attention and explain what the essay is about), a middle part (in which you describe the place or object and make your argument), and a conclusion (in which you summarise the argument).
-An ideal answer will engage critically with the question, incorporating ideas from a number of different sources, and will make a convincing argument.

Choose a place in Edinburgh connected to a figure or event in the history of science and then:
1. Introduce your chosen object or place, stating what role it played in the history of science.
2. Position the object or place in its historical context. (You should use the list of lectures in
the course handbook and the associated reading lists to find out more about the wider
3. Discuss what the object or place tells us about the development of science in the relevant

Object chosen is James Young Simpson’s House

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