The History of Post-Mortem Photography

First Assignment

Death Photography


The History of Post-Mortem Photography

Emmeline Grangerford’s Scrapbook website


Click on DEATH ( turn page to read)

Click on MOURNING ( turn page to read)

Click on PHOTOGRAPHY ( turn page to read)



WATCH this one only

Participate in Discussion Board about Weekly Web Assignment 3

I would like students to discuss their reaction to one of the following subjects based on the artwork:

 Animal rights, War or Capital Punishment.

Be sure to reference the artworks in your discussions. ( artists &artworks )

Goya Disasters of War print series

Images* from the 82 print series Disasters of War (*some are graphic  )

Andy Warhol  Disasters print series



Andy Warhol’s Electric Chairs:
Reflecting on Capital Punishment in America


Scroll down and click on Read the Overview Text


Click on View the Installation ( click images to ENLARGE )


Scroll down and select two of the audio tracks . LISTEN.




**Compare and contrast the artwork of

Warhol & Goya OR Gericault & Sue Coe.

Site specific examples in your discussion.

( 1 typed page* doubled spaced )

Submit Tuesday May 31 at 4:00pm in DROPBOX-Week 3

Things to consider: ( scroll down )

What is the focal point of the artworks?

What do they communicate to the viewer and HOW??

Discuss the idea of using a contemporary event as

a subject matter.

Discuss your response to the artworks.

How did the artist’s passion for the subject

play into the art making ?

The Artist’s research into the subject matter.

Second assignment

Watch the film NIGHT and FOG.( 30 minutes /subtitled /1955)

Write 1 page response ( NOT A SUMMARY ) and put it in the BONUS dropbox by June 1, 2011.


Instructions: Enter or paste your written work and/or click “Attachments” to upload your files.



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