home work 12

Complete ONE of the following content analysis assignments (refer back to Chapter 1 if you need to find out more about what a content analysis is and how to do it).  Minimum of one page.

1) Gender in Profiles:  If you have a facebook account, search your friends, first five males and then five females. Do a content analysis of the profiles and albums found for each person you select.  Write a reflection on the comparisons of the males and the females, the patterns you see, and a summary of how Goffman’s concept of the presentation of self is affected by gender.  (from Symbolic Interaction Perspective)

2)  Gender in AdvertisingPerform a content analysis of a whole magazine or thirty minutes of TV ads.  Summarize the observed gender identities and about which masculinities or femininities are privileged and encouraged in our advertising and which are marginalized.  (from Conflict Perspective)

3)  Children’s Book Analysis:  If you have young children, analyze at least 3 children’s books.  Examine the plot, the characters, and the illustrations and draw conclusions about the gendered messages children receive from this book/story.  Draw broader conclusions about patterns gendered socialization.  (from Structural Functionalist Perspective) 

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