home work chapter 9

You are a Sociologist during research on poverty in the U.S.  This is your chance to use your research skills to obtain the following information. Make sure you cite your sources.


Please answer the following questions using the online resources available to you, as well as the library, if needed.


1. What is the poverty percentage in the county you live in?


2. Which regions of the US have the highest poverty levels?


3. Which regions have the lowest poverty level? Have you ever visited any of these regions?


4. What observations can you make (be sure to use Sociological concepts and not merely your “opinion”) both about the county you live in and the other states/regions you may have visited?  


5. Based on your research what can you summarized about poverty in the US?  There is no right on wrong answer to this question.  This is just your hypothesis based off of your research observation.


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