I need a Reflection Paper from the class  (Industrial Organization in Manufacturing ) that I am taking. it is 2 Pages.  I need it to be 100% your word. I need it to have ZREO plagiarism. No citation needed, sice it’s your own reflection. need it in 17 hours. Attached in the chapter form  to give you an idea about the assignment , and also Attached part of the assignment  you need to read and answers. Just to give you an idea about me, I worked in summer with  my father in his construction company. It was very small company with like 30 workers, I used to help him suprvise. you can use it in the paper, if it will help you. 

The assignment instructions are below:

Reflection Paper

How do my ethics rate?

1.Reflect on your answers and how they compare to the norms.  For any item in which you are more than 1 to 2 points from the norm, explain your position in relation to the norm.  If you have several items, then pick out two or three to write about.

2.Describe a situation of which you are aware, where a company acted in an unethical manner.  Give a brief description of the situation and tell why you feel it was unethical.  For this situation, think on a national and global perspective and not a situation in which you were personally involved.

3.Briefly describe a personal situation where a supervisor you know has acted in an unethical manner.  How did this make you feel?  If no personal situation with a supervisor, then give an example of an observation you have made.

4.In your mind, what do ethics mean in the 21st century?

5.This reflection paper should follow these requirements: Length – 2 Pages; MS Word, Times New Roman font, 12 pt.; Double Space (even between paragraphs); 1” margin on all sides.  Put your name at the end of the paper.

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