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This is a assignment from the class (Industrial Organization in Manufacturing ) that I am taking. I need it to be 100% your word. I need it to have ZREO plagiarism. need it in 24 hours. The assignment instructions are below:

The assignment:

Review of Chapter 3 entitled “Organizing The High-Technology Enterprise”, pages 40 to 60 in Management of Technology: Managing Effectively in Technology-Intensive Organizations” by Hans J. Thamhain


1)    Read the chapter entitled, “Organizing The High Technology Enterprise,” pages 40 to 60.

2)    In 500 words (word processed) or less (about 3 single-spaced paragraphs), write (word processed) a Review (explain in your words what the article is about) of the article.

3)    Write (word processed) a Summary of Important Points, in bullet form, highlighting the major points of the article.

4)    In 500 words (word processed) or less a My Opinions and Thoughts section. Write (word processed) a review giving your thoughts and opinions on the article.


6)    Use the following guidelines for each portion of your review:

o   Please reference the article in APA format. Other styles are acceptable but I prefer that you use APA.

o   Word Process using Arial type and size 12 font.


o   Only provide bulleted sentences in the Summary of the Important Points section for each review.

o   You do not have to attain the 500words limits for the Review and My Thoughts and Opinions sections.  Just be concise and to the point. I am looking for quality and not quantity.

o   Spelling and grammar for this paper should be at senior/graduate level work. Anything less will not be tolerated. Contact the writing-center on campus if your spelling and grammar are not at graduate level capabilities.

o   PLAGARIZISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  The paper will be examined by grammarly.com. Papers with > 20% (and this is generous) duplication and grammar/sentence structure errors will result in automatic failure for this assignment. Plagiarism will warrant a 0 for a grade for this effort.

Example Review (See Next Page):

MCT 700-301, Human Relations and Leadership in Manufacturing

Dr. G. Minty

Review of:

Woodward, J. (1982). Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice. (2 Ed.). Oxford: University press.

By Jim McKirahan

February 26, 2007


The aim of the South Essex, England based, 10 yearlong study performed by social scientists was to determine the influence technology, organization, and management all together had on manufacturing-related companies. Surveyed information including company history, background, objectives, and organizational and labor structure, manufacturing processes, methodologies and routines used, and commercial success was gathered for analysis.

 ……often specialized, planning activities, personnel management issues involving proper fit of personnel to certain organizational functions, and the status of those positions, discernment of activities differentiating manufacturing phases were investigated. 

Summary of Important Points

          Amongst initial study conclusions made by researchers, it was determined that:

1)       Organizational development proceeds technical change and development

2)       The type of organization and functions within the organization are tied to the manufacturing technology used in the organization

3)       In the technologically advanced companies, organization promoted social ends, defining the roles and relationships of the social system within the organization

4)       It was determined that flattened management structures most often accommodated high technical skill, high responsibly manufacturing positions.

My Opinion and Thoughts

There are several things striking things about this book. The first was the thoroughness of the study. Secondly, Woodward explained and illustrated organizational and technical variable analysis, relative to study companies manufacturing technology, quite succinctly in the first six chapters.  The information in the case studies, however, was “jagged” and not strung together well…

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