How to review an event


The objective is to:

  1. a)    attend an entertainment / popular culture event(s) (with a crowd present), or :
  2. b)    review a popular culture project such as a play, art exhibits, or a music project (not movies).

Your project is to:

  1. a) observe and then analyze various patterns at the event, or
  2. b) to do a ‘professional’ review of a project.

For an event keep in mind to observe such things as :

–     setting (structure, building, or cite design)

–     purpose of event (e.g. ethnic, cultural, “for profit or non-profit entertainment,”)

–     crowd control (if any); crowd composition and behavior inside and outside / before, during and after event, i.e. atmosphere of the crowd and place

–     how money is made (and who) of the event

–     how the event is received by you and others, etc.

For a project review, do some background  research on the project and/or performers.

Take into account what aspects of the project are usually critiqued and thought important by other (professional) reviewers.

In addition :  look at professional journals, newspapers, magazines or other reports of similar events or projects that you choose before you start.  Use these as a possible framework for your own report.  If you choose, you can interview individuals who either perform, participate in, or organize some aspect of the event for your report.


Introduction – put the event or project in some context (e.g. time / place, genre, trend)

Analysis – give your opinion or observations about some of the aspects given above, as well as other aspects you deem important – incorporate some of the concepts we cover in class on these issues.

Conclusion – you overall view or impressions


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