how to use social media to attract somebody who needs to learn a new language to support their job

create a Create a focus group’s transcript content for me, It is about how to use social media to attract somebody who needs to learn a new language to support their job? And research objective are What kind of social media channel potential customer are using? What kind of content should post on the social media to attract them?



Here, I did a small SWOT analysis for Akiyama connect. In Strength, Akiyama Connect has the good reputation in local, in FB and ins they can always get some likes from their customers; also, offering distance education by Skype which we think can increase the competition and their business not just only limit on the loal. In Weaknesses, using social media effectively can increase their market competitiveness. In opportunities, there are increasing demands of people who want to learn a new language, and there are quite lots multinational companies looking for employees who can fluent written and spoken in two languages. In Threats, the main threats will come from the local competitors.



In this proposal, we will focus on the area of language teaching. Teaching English people business Japanese.


Define the Problem

But the following question is how to use social media to attract somebody who needs to learn a new language to support their job?

But before Akiyama Connects able to attract those potential customers’ interested, the more important thing for Akiyama Connects is to establish the brand awareness through the social media, it helps the potential customers to be aware of the brand, and easier to attract the potential customers. Therefore, we aim to create the brand awareness by using social media to our potential customers, but which channel and what kind of message we need to delivery is the key issues we need to solve out, sending the right message to right place will be easier to establish the brand awareness. So, there are two main objectives for this proposal, which social media channel are those potential customers are using; and what kind of content should be posted on the social media, or we can say what are kinds of content the customers are expecting.




Our research based on AIDA model. One of the oldest and well-known promotional theories in marketing. It can say it is the process that consumers move through a series of stages when they make purchase decisions. Usually, there are 4 stages:

Attention: capturing the customer’s attention and awareness toward the product

Interest: raising the customer’s interest and curiosity by highlighting the features and benefits of the product

Desire: stimulating desire and demonstrating how the product is superior to competitors

Action: implementing calls to action toward purchasing the product.


This research will base on the first two stage of AIDA model, Attention and Interest. In attention, according to social media, capturing the potential customers’ attention and awareness toward the Akiyama Connects. In interest, Akiyama Connects can raise the customer interest and curiosity by highlighting the features and benefits of the language class.



Qualitative Approach

The Qualitative approach is concerned with identifying and understanding the motivations and feelings of the research audience. The strength of the qualitative approach is its ability to provide complex textual descriptions of how people experience a given research issue. It provides rich data and is particularly powerful in supplying ideas for marketing or creative teams. It is flexible, dynamic and open-ended, helping researchers collect richer and more comprehensive data. It can help Akiyama Connects has a deeper understanding of consumers, and may heard some useful information that they haven’t notice before.



Exploratory Research

Exploratory research is generally used to deepen understanding of market issues and to help identify the real issues that require further research. Helping to examine, explain consumer motivation, attitude and behaviour, and provide future research and development direction.

In the beginning of the research, thus to we are not sure what our potential customers are thinking about, so we use Exploratory Research to help us to find out the insights and understanding of our potential customers, collecting useful data and identify the need for further research information.


Inductive Approach

Inductive approach is used to analyze and evaluate the qualitative data. It can establish clear links between the evaluation or research objectives and the summary findings derived from the raw data. Although the inductive approach is not as strong as other analytic strategies for theory or model development, but it does provide a simple, straightforward approach for deriving findings in the context of focused evaluation questions. Many researchers are likely to find using a inductive approach less complicated than using other approaches to qualitative data analysis.



Therefore, we need to deeper understand to thought of customers, that we can send to right message to the right channel directly.

So, Exploratory Research is the methodology which we need to use. Exploratory research is generally conducted when the content and nature of the research topic is not clear enough. In order to understand the nature of the problem and to determine the direction and scope of the research, a survey of initial data is conducted to understand the situation and identify problems. Thus gaining some assumptions or ideas about the research project for further investigation.



For the research method, we are going to use focus group and individual interview.


Focus group research involves organized discussion with a selected group of individuals to gain information about their views and experiences of a topic. It is an organization on purpose. Unlike an interview, which usually occurs with an individual,the focus group method allows members of the group to interact each other during the discussion and consideration of ideas and perspectives.


Interview is the most common research method of data collection in qualitative research technique which involves conducting individual interview with a small number of participants to explore their perspectives on a particular idea, program or situation.


Focus groups can be used at the exploratory stages of the study. after a programmed has been completed, to assess its impact the interview. Which means in this case focus group will be the foundation of the interview. when we design the interview, the result of focus group will be important reference data.



Next is about the advantage of focus group and interview, also explain why we use focus group and interview. As we can see, the advantage of focus group is XXX. Those fast and efficient features can help us to understand the objective 1. (channel) according the result of the focus group, we could have a basic understanding to establish the interview. To make sure our interview more accurate and purposeful.

Also from the interview, we can know customer thoughts and feeling more clearly and in-depth. We are more inclined to use interview to achieve objective 2.



The target participants of focus group we are going to select will be the age demographic of 18-35 years old, including the university students without any work experiences and young staffs who have previous work experience, because the young persons are more able to learn and accept a new foreign language. The university students could be interested in learning another language to find a job after graduation,and young staffs may need to learn another language to improve their individual level and competitiveness. In most focus group situations, participants should be sufficiently diverse to allow for contrasting opinions. So, according to their different roles in society and whether they have work experience, we can get more flexible perspectives and get the answer of our define problem. The participants will be divided into two groups, and each group contains 6 to 8 persons. The interview time will be within two hours. We plan to launch the interview in a quiet meeting room with preparing some coffee and desserts. The atmosphere should be pleasant and relax, each participant can make a point of view actively, just like chatting with their friends. After the survey, we suggest that Akiyama company can opens a free thirty minutes Japanese lesson for them as a reward. It is a good opportunity to stimulate their interest in learning Japanese and attract more customers.



In focus group research, the skill of the moderator is very important, because the result of discussion largely depends on the level and ability of the moderator. Therefore, when conducting the investigation, we will choose a moderator with highly professional skill. The moderator should deeply understand the research purpose of the focus group and have a clear plan for what we want to know. Also should guides the participants to have an open discussion around the topics we have set out, develop real opinion of them and interact with them effectively. What’s more, the moderator should have ability of control the discussion, encourage everyone to give an answer especially shy person, and stop those who have talk for too much time or have extreme statements, communicate with them in a funny and relaxing way。



After the research of focus group, we can have a direction and design more detailed question for interview research. The target participants we design to select in interview are international university students and people on Linkedin. The international university students may have more opportunities to study and work in another country, so they may interest in learning a new language to make new friends and enhance their social ability. And we can find some career information from people on Linkedin who want to working in international businesses, they might need to learn a new language for their job requirement. The size of sampling are approximately 10 persons, each of them may interviewed for one hour. In the same way with the focus group, the interview will launch in a quiet meeting room and they might get a free thirty minutes Japanese lesson as a reward.



The most useful interview format for conducting qualitative research is Semi-structured. This means the interview is not highly structured. It is offer topics and questions to the participants which are carefully designed and lead them to have ideas and opinions of unconsidered questions. They rely on the moderator following up with explore to get in-depth information on topics of interest. By this way, it is not only can get the answer from the question we have designed, also allow participants to discuss and raise questions that we may not have thinking about. They can provide more personalized and initiative views, and come up with more surprises for this interview.


When design the detailed questions, we will base on Patton’s 6 types of questions to analyse which types of question we should Involved. This can provides more inspiration of design issues for us.




Thematic data analysis is a method for identifying, analysing and reporting patterns within data. We have 2 kinds of themes.

One is inductive from the focus group and interview, Record the sensitive messages and the things they are repeat mentioned. Use those themes to consider and analysis the result.

Other one is we collect themes from the competitor, then use those themes to compare with what we got from the research. It will be help for the data analyzing.



We got client meeting and situation analysis at first, then the literature review takes 15 days, then the main part research design and process we used 20days. Data analysis is ongoing, we estimate need 10days, and we need 15days to writing the report.


Which means the if there is a large sample, the result will be more accurate, but consider the data saturation, if we do the large sample will be not efficient and waist time.




The quality of the data gathered in qualitative research is subjective.


This is where the personal nature of data gathering in qualitative research can also be a negative component of the process. What one researcher might feel is important and necessary to gather can be data that another researcher feels is pointless and won’t spend time pursuing it. Having individual perspectives and including instinctual decisions can lead to incredibly detailed data. It can also lead to data that is generalized or even inaccurate because of its reliance on researcher subjectivisms.


Time and resources limitations for this project. As you can see we got person and 8 weeks, we cannot cover everything. But we still sure this proposal can help Akiyama Connects to improve their business by using social media to attract the new customer.

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