HR mgt 2

Respond to the following scenario with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use research to reinforce your ideas.
Part 1
Additional Information: The warehouse personnel will benefit from a good onboarding program, which includes orientation training. The board of directors and vice president (VP) of human resources would like to review your plan for onboarding these new hires.
Using Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection resources, research employee orientation programs, and develop an onboarding plan for the management team that covers the following:
Discuss the activities involved in a one day onboarding program for employee orientation including the following:
The schedule of activities for one day including the time allotted for each training module.
A description of each training module.
The type of activity or media that will be used for each training module.
How you will determine the effectiveness of the onboarding program..
The content of the onboarding program may included the following examples:
Overview and introduction of the corporation and its industry.
Employee Code of Conduct
Policies Regarding Federal Regulations, Contracts, and Intellectual Property
Organizational culture
Other topics deemed necessary for employees.
Provide a reference list at the end of your presentation of at least 5 Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection articles, and include in-text citations for the articles in APA format.

Part 2
Using Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection resources, please submit the following:
A completed Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection Career Assessment
The following 5 completed Bloomberg BusinessweekB-School Connection Worksheets:
A History of You
Bio Builder
Top 5 Influencers
Build Experience
Take A Taste
**must be original, 800 words, 5 Bloomberg businessweek b-school referenes , due Monday 1/16 at 10am est

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