HRIS and Compliance with Government Laws and Outlines”

“HRIS and Compliance with Government Laws and Outlines” Please respond to the following:

For the first half of the quarter, we have been discussing how to build an appropriate HRIS. You can view these as the building blocks for a sustainable HRIS. In this week, we will now focus on HRIS and its responsibility to compliance with government laws and outlines. In the event of an audit from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), accurate records must be accessible and accurate. If not, the organization can face critical consequences from various governmental entities. • Read the article “Updating HRIS to Meet New Company, Governmental and Technological Requirements”, located at,-Governmental-and-Technological-Requirements-/. Next, from the readings in your textbook and the article, state the purpose for government mandates. Give three (3) examples of penalties that organizations induce when they fail to comply with government mandates such as OSHA or EEO. What strategies can organizations put in place to prevent penalties from occurring in the first place?

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