Human Resource Development by Jon M Werner chapter 11 Questions for Discussion 1. Explain why employee counseling services can be considered HRD…

Human Resource Development by Jon M Werner chapter 11 Questions for Discussion1.Explain why employee counseling services can be considered HRD programs. Describe two elements counseling programs have in common with other HRD programs.2.What are the similarities and differences between employee coaching and employee counseling?3.Suppose you were asked by your employer to develop a proposal for an employee assistance program. Which approach would you recommend, which services do you think are substance abuse? Describe how you would make sure that you select the services that would provide the company and employees with the most benefit.4. There is a disagreement about the effectiveness of EAPs and the constructive confrontation approach in treating alcohol abuse. Present the positions supporting both side of the argument. Give what you have learned about this issue, where do you think the truth lies?5.Stress management interventions commonly focus on helping employees find ways to deal with the stressors in their lives. But some experts believe organization should modify jobs or other organizational attributes to remove or reduce the impact of such stressors themselves, rather than teaching coping skills alone. What is your opinion on this matter? Support your position.6.Some people believe that wellness programs infringe on an individual’s right to choose his or her own lifestyle, maintaining that an individual has the right to smoke cigarettes, eat junk food, and avoid exercise if he or she wants to. What argument would you support the cities of workplace wellness programs? If you were a director of a workplace wellness program at a large banking firm, for example, how would you balance the needs of the company with the rights of individuals?7.Employee counseling programs of all types are popular in the Unites States, despite the relative lack of scientific evidence that conclusively supports the efficacy of these programs. if managers are such bottom-line decision makers, why do they continue to offer these programs when an ironclad case for their effectiveness has not yet been made? Describe two reasons why it is difficult to conduct conclusive scientific studies as to the effectiveness of employee counseling services.All these questions do not need long answer, 150~200 words will be enough for each questions, thank you

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