I have attached the chapter readings. Please use this source only.

question # 1

Using one of the Data Tools and Apps from the United States Census Bureau, choose some interesting census data and perform a qualitative analysis on it to answer a question you want to answer with the data. Do not just copy and paste or summarize the data that you find. Use an appropriate qualitative analysis technique and provide your thought process behind the technique you chose (i.e., why did you choose it?), as well as the results of your analysis. Use this week’s lecture to aid your analysis. Cite the data source that you chose in your post and document it in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

question # 2

Observe some people doing something for about 15 minutes. You could do it almost anywhere: in a store, at work, or even at home if you live with other people! Before you begin, think about a question you want to answer, such as “Where do customers go after they enter this store?” or “How do people act when they are in their offices?”

In your post:

  1. Write up your experience and any context that would be important for us to understand. (Where were you? How many people were present? What time of day was it? What did you learn about your question?)
  2. Tell us the question you wanted to answer and what you saw when you performed your observations. Please keep the discussion anonymous in order to protect the privacy of the people you observed.

ch. 9.pdf

ch. 10.pdf

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