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You will write an 8–10 page research paper (references excluded) on an organizational communication topic of your choosing. This is a course on Organizational Communication—and you take it to apply the lessons to your life, to what you do or will do in organizations. For your Research Paper, you may write about any topic suggested by your textbook that interests you, and that you think holds value for you as you pursue a career—or contemplate doing so.

Your Research Paper should have the following sections, all formatted according to current APA format. Your Research Paper should include these sections in this order:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • YOUR Argument/Assertion/Theory and Hypothesis (or Hypotheses)
  • Your Research Approach (how you went about putting together your understanding in such a way as to cause you to take a position on this subject—in this case, a LITERATURE REVIEW)
  • Results
  • Suggestions for Further Research/Study
  • Conclusion
  • References (the works cited in your paper)

Note: Not all sections are created equal. Some of the above may be a paragraph or 2, while others may be a few pages.

The mistakes made on the previous submission need to be corrected. The paper should be a legit 9 pages not including the title page, abstract or reference page.

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