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Category: Cyber Threat

Topic (What Paper will be about): How do we mitigate the use of social media by adversaries?

Format: APA Format for the entire paper, including citations and reference page.

Assignment Instructions:

Rarely can one solve a cyber warfare problem with a few thoughts and a PowerPoint presentation. In fact, these problems actually require in-depth research and critical thought to solve. This assignment requires that you study a challenging cyber warfare question, conduct thoughtful research and report on your findings. Some problems are difficult to solve even in the time allotted, but your work should provide, at least, a clear description of the problem you address, thoughtful analysis, and a potential solution. Your paper should provide a contribution that will help lead to a solution, even if you do not solve the entire problem. The following guidelines apply:

  • Word Count: 1200 – 1600 words
    • Includes: Introduction, Body (background, analysis and solution) and Conclusion
    • DOES NOT include: Title and reference pages
  • Format:
    • 1 inch margins
    • Times New Roman
    • 12 point font size
    • Double spaced
  • You must cite all references
  • You must cite any information that is not your original thought or common knowledge (i.e., not just quoted material). If you have any questions, please ask your instructor. Under no circumstances should you copy large blocks of material from other sources with or without citation.

[1] Smith, John. “Cyber Warriors are in Short Supply,” International Journal of Cyber Operations, vol. 3, no. 11 (2015): 12-22

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