Identification of Problem/Issue

What problem is the author(s) identifying? Who does the problem relate to?

Making Connections

What do you already know about this topic?

What new ideas are contained within the article for you to consider?

What experiences have you had in your teaching, or in other areas of life, that support, confound or refute the information presented in the article?

What information from this reading selection resonates with, and contributes to, your interest in teaching and learning?

How do the principles from this reading selection compare to what you are learning in your other courses?

Challenging Assumptions

In what areas has this reading helped you to discover a potential need for change in your approach to teaching?

What do you still not know or understand about this topic?

If the opportunity arose, what questions would you pose to the author?

Making Application

What are three of the most important concepts from this reading?

What two pieces of information from this article would you share with a colleague?

What is one way you will alter your current teaching practice based on what you have read?
In what ways has this reading selection helped you to understand yourself better as a developing teacher professional?

Taking a Different Point of View

Using only three sentences, how would you explain the findings of this article to a parent? The explanation should include the key concepts of the article but be in language that a non-educator could easily understand.

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