Identify future education plans


  • have Identify future education plans
    • Develop 2, 5, and 10 year career plans using SMART goal formatStudytherubrictodetermine theexpectationsforeachsection ofyourpaper.

      Your final documentshould include anintroduction,conclusion, andtitle page. Thetitlepage should beformatted according toUTA CONstandards ( Yourwriting should be infirstperson, andis expected toinclude opinionsand personal statements, buthavea professional tone.It should flowas anarrative, mostlychronological description ofa“journey,” but mayhave flashbacksand “flash-forwards.”Besuretoinclude afinalpagetitled “References,”andcite yourreferencesin correctAPAformats.Reference list will include any RN-BSN courses oractivities in APAformat.

      Each sectionshould have alengthofabout100words,but makeevery wordcount. Do not repeat ideasjusttomeet thewordcountguidelines.Ensurethat yourwriting isinformative and interesting,not redundant.

      Write yourpaper, and thentake a secondlook several hourslaterorthenext day.Trytoreadit fromanobjective stanceto seeifit flowsandmakes sense. Ifnot, makenecessarychangesP(5.u)

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