Identify Stakeholders and map them by Interest and Influence

I need separate files for each number.

Attached is a scope statement on a project I need:

1)Identify Stakeholders and map them by Interest and Influence for this assignment. Use the template attached as well.

2)Using ProjectLibre, MS Project, Primavera or another PM Software package, build from your 5+ milestones a Gantt Chart with at least 25 packages for your individual project.  I recommend ProjectLibre.

3)After adding 25 Tasks to your 5 Milestones in your last assignment, now add the predecessors and durations to your gantt chart.   Your next assignment will be to add Resource and Cost to your resources.

Here is a tutorial for using ProjectLibre.

4) Prepare a Time Phased Budget for your Personal Project.  You are a subject matter expert so your estimates are great.  Try to cost each work package and cum them by time period.  Provide an S-Curve too.

Provide a simple Quality Checklist for your project with items checked and who will sign off.

5) Prepare a Risk Register for your individual project

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