Now that you are familiar with probation write a 2  page paper covering the following:

  • Imagine you are an officer who has been advised that a new probationer has been placed on your caseload. He is a drug offender placed on for possession of cocaine. 
  • You have been asked to instruct the offender at 9 a.m the next morning. As a reference, the judge ordered your new probationer to complete 20 hours of community service, a 10-week drug rehabilitation program, and to pay $500 in court fees and costs. Set up a plan for completion. Include a fee schedule, placement into a treatment program, and an organization to complete community service in your plan. 
  • Conduct research in your own state. What rehabilitation program and community organization would you use? 
  • Also, be sure to advise the probationer of the consequences of failure to complete the tasks. 
  • What will happen if the probationer does not complete the conditions?

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