Inappropriate documentation or release of information(HIPPA) 

Unit V Project

Risk Assessment Analysis Essay

For this assignment, you are asked to develop an analysis of potential risks your new EMS program or service may encounter. These can be any form of risk including, but not limited to:

 Success of the program  Discrimination or other legal violations  Inappropriate documentation or release of information(HIPPA)

Your essay should identify a minimum of two risks and include potential solutions for addressing or mitigating these risks. Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length and follow standard APA format for citing any resources, both in-text and in the reference section of your work.

If the paper does not follow the instructions below i will dispute the charge unless you rewrite it so please read the instuctions. If you dont understand something ask me. Do not repeat things to try and make it to the 5 pages i will ask you to do it over. The paper has to be 5 pages no including the refrences page.



1. Length and elements: The paper length should be a minimum of 5 pages (this does not include your cover page or references page), double spaced and typed with 1” margins. On the cover sheet, please include the title of your paper, your name, and date. Clip art/and or photos are optional. 

2. Number of references: , please include a minimum of three references.


Now that our nation is heavily dependent on networks and the Internet, is that computer infrastructure a prime target for a terrorist attack?

Write a paper that identifies and thoroughly explains a cyberterrorism related danger faced by the United States today and/or in the future. In addition to explaining the danger itself, you must explain how vulnerable the nation is to the threat as well as steps that have been taken, are being taken, or could be taken to protect national interests. Either throughout your paper or in the conclusion, you must explain the significance of the threat. In your paper you should also suggest new legislation or changes to existing legislation. 


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