How does an industry add value for its customers?

I am assigning this paper to you since you did Paper #1 of this project and you are already familiar with what is going on. You completed paper 1 on October 2, 2011. If you do not remember the paper let me know and I can submit it with the instructions. The instructions are the same with a few minor changes since this is the second paper. Paper #2 must coincide and follow Paper #1.

Your project is to identify a service industry with local (to Mobile, AL) companies. This industry must have several, if not many, companies operating locally. For instance, hair dressers, nail service, plumbing, electricians, day spas. Do not choose a company like Verizon (cell phone service) because that is not a local company.

This industry will be the  about which you will research and write papers. It is imperative that you do not choose companies that sell products. In other words, do not choose a retailer of products, such as Wal Mart or a restaurant. If you choose a retailer, it must sell services and if it sells products as well, you must focus on the services side of the business.

Your job is to identify 2 companies in the same service industry. The difference between these companies is that one uses a “touch approach and one uses a approach.

This is a three paper project. The industry must be with local companies in Mobile, Alabama. This particular assignment is for Paper #2.

In the first paper you analyzed a) the industry, b) the value added components of the industry (how the industry makes a customer life easier etc.) and the different types of businesses in the industry.

In paper 2, you will identify a seller of services within the industry you have chosen.

This paper is an industry background analysis. You must identify the industry and its competitive elements (use Porter 5 Forces for instance). How does the industry add value for its customers? In other words, why do customers buy this service instead of similar services or not do it themselves? For example, oil change service is a convenient and non-messy option for people who would rather not change the oil in their car. This first paper is probably the shortest of the three papers. However, it should still be a thorough and detailed analysis of the industry at the national/regional level and then the local companies involved.

The paper format is as follows:
1. Introduction to the industry/organization
2. Explanation of Value Added by the industry/organization
3. Competitive positioning and customers.
4. How the organization projects its offering in terms of Gap analysis, Servicescape, Blueprinting, and Service Recovery.

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