Information systems in Healthcare question

We can determine if a project is successful by measuring key indicators. The indicators are determined before we begin the project, and initial measurements are taken. These are called the baseline. Once the project is completed, and periodically thereafter, the measurements continue to be derived. This is a report card of sorts for the process being executed.

What is outlined above seems to be a reasonable concept. It provides for a quantitative assessment of the quality and quantity of the service being provided. In concept, it takes personalities out of the assessment and can give the reviewer a clear picture of how well services are being provided.

One result of this type of measurement is that, once it is put into place personnel work to the specifics of the metrics being collected. At times working specifically to the metrics can result in unexpected results. The following article addresses this possibility.

When we establish the metrics we are going to use to monitor our processes, how can we make sure that the “big picture” results will not be adversely affected?

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