An Integrated In Class Business Case Analysis

An Integrated In Class Business Case Analysis

Introduction: Provide an introcution of the company and case direction – this area could include their mission statement and company history.

Situational Analysis relvant information in the case and other issues – what is currently going on within the company.

Apparent Issue – is a symptom – What is the apparent issue? These are the symptoms?

Most important facts. Not your opinion rather what are the causes of these strategic business plan symptoms?

Roote Cause with Symptoms: What is the real issue/root cause? What is the real cause of the symptom(s)? If you think the symptoms will happen again then you’ll need to think again about the real issue. Explain these assumptions (quantitative/qualitative), which are critical thinking unknowns or educated guess based on research finding (what you do know) in relationship to the strategic plan focus.

SWOT Analysis – S & W Internal / O & T External and analysis under chart Figure 1 (opening and closing sentences)



Above is all about company’s strategic plan and mission/vision/purpose. Below is how to execute to achieve the business strategic direction with tactical, leverage, problem-solving strategies.

Realistic Options – list of all your recommendations to solve the real issues.

1. Idea #1 Do nothing (explain why)
2. Idea #2
3. Idea #3

Now, choose one out of your x recommendations as the top one to execute and describe in detail “how”. Goal is the thrust of execution to leverage innovative ideas to achieve desired strategic plan outcomes. Innovative idea to include a competitive advantage, value in enhancing customer experience/relationship to generate sales and/or partner value, and ROI. What does the company sell on? For example is it price, customer service, etc.? Show your ideas; provide an example(s)
Biggest Potential Problem with recommendation
Measurement – how will you measure…method of evaluation specifically?
Summary – brief wrap up to finalize directive focus of plan – this could include a timeline.
You are talking to the management team and making a business recommendation to help them succeed. For London Olympics you would be speaking directly to the Senior Executive Team as an example to reflect upon and enhance future sales/events.


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