International Criminal Court

I need a to respond #2 below- with at least 150 words and include cited information from anywhere your information used was related information to support your response.

The orginal topic question

Give an example of an international justice system. How do the various international justice systems cooperate and coordinate in combating global crime? What would happen if the communication among these international justice systems broke down, or was non-existent? Explain.

#2 The response to the question

The ICC otherwise known as the International Criminal Court is well known for holding “dozens of leaders of Nazi Germany accountable for their actions” during the WWII, (Shannon G., Hollie B., 2013). Other massive acts of genocide bring international crime fighting institutions and courts together to bring justice to these acts against humanity. Many see this as a way of international social control but I can not trust this view. First, these international groups do not have a foundation in which they base all of their cases and this makes the process very slow and unique to its cases. Another drawback is the fact that many perspectives come from different cultural background and laws fluctuate from country to country. This in the long-run makes it hard to come to conclusions on matters as countries back home continue to reform domestically. This being said, I think it is best to have such courts and institutions to ensure that when large issues arise, the countries are able to come together and create a moral understanding of wrong-doing against mankind as a whole and ensure that mass tragedies do not go without justice. If however these systems did not exist we could find ourselves in more wars then could be handled by any one country. To retaliate in any way in outside affairs would bring many breakdowns in relationships between countries and allies. This is not something that our country can afford.

Shannon G., Hollie B. (2013). Retrieved from

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