Introduction Essay

Introduction Essay

Student’s name

Institutional affiliation

By way of introduction, I go by the name XX. I am a 20-year old upcoming criminal justice practitioner as well as a student. I come from XX city, and I am excited to be joining this class. It is a pleasure to be joining the University of XX as it has always been my dream growing up. I hope that the learning experiences that lie ahead of me, particularly in this crime and criminal justice faculty, will prepare me for the real field experiences. My future career aspirations have to do with being a private investigator. I am confident with the knowledge gained in class; I will be best placed to execute my duties as a private investigator. I want to work in the police department as an investigator or in private organizations such as detective firms or even be hired by individual clients. Growing up, I always had a passion for becoming a problem solver. In a way, I always found myself in the center of disputes mainly because I was a captain in all the schools that I attended. People used to come to me to resolve their disputes in the absence of teachers, which groomed a desire to become an investigator. Moreso, I would like to help families with missing relatives to locate their loved ones. Additionally, I would like to aid federal and local state cases by investigating criminal, financial, and criminal matters. I enjoy activities such as probing situations and people, researching, interviewing, and conducting surveillance. In addition to this, my hobbies include hiking, reading, learning new languages writing, and traveling. I love meeting new persons from diverse cultural backgrounds so that I can learn about as many cultures as possible. I am excited to be part of this team, and I look forward to having fruitful engagements with both my colleagues and the course instructor.

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