Introduction to a Business Plan- live plan week1

Login to your LivePlan account.

  • Go to the Account tab to edit your user profile and company information. You may also edit your company name, forecast, and monthly detail info on the Options tab.
  • Browse through the Sample Plans that are located in the Help & Resources > Sample Plan Library directory to research relevant topics and help cultivate new business ideas.
  • Compare your Strategic Management Worksheet assignment with the LivePlan chapters. You can use this worksheet to capture basic information that will help guide you through the business plan development process.
  • Review what will be needed to prepare your complete Business Plan over the next three courses (MGT/401, MKT/431, and FIN/375).

Discuss with your classmates in 175 to 350 words your thoughts on LivePlan. Potential topics may include:

  • Topics in LivePlan that relate to your business idea
  • Your thoughts about creating your business plan over the next three courses
  • The Strategic Management Process as it relates to your plan
  • Questions or comments about LivePlan

see personal email for user id and password

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