Introduction to Business logistics

Length: Minimum Eight (8) Pages, plus title page and reference page

Font: Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced, 1” margin all sides

Title Page: Required

Source References: Required, at least 6.

Originality: Term Paper will be checked with “Turnitin” software to verify originality

The following topics are suggestions for the Spring Semester Term Paper. This list is not exclusive, but simply some ideas to consider.

Truck Driver Shortage

An Economic Analysis on the Business Model of Uber

The Impact of Amazon on the Logistics Industry

The Impact of Online Procurement on Logistics

Impact Study on Hours of Service (HOS) Rules for Carriers

Motor Carrier Safety

Impact of Regulatory Compliance on Logistics and Supply Chain

Impact of Homeland Security on Transportation

Drone Technology and Its Role in Logistics

How Logistics Has Influenced Online Retailers

Intermodal Growth and Its Impact on the Rail Industry

The Port of Houston

Challenges for Logistics in Emerging Markets

The Economic Challenges of Maintaining Transportation Infrastructure

Lean Logistics Processes

Six Sigma Management

Challenges of Upgrading the U.S. Transportation Infrastructure

The Role of Logistics in Exporting of LNG from the United States

The Impact of the Global Economy on the Ocean Carrier Industry

An Economic Analysis on the Feasibility of Autonomous Vehicles

Sources for research: (Assoc. of American Railroads) (Modern Materials Handling) (American Trucking Assoc) (International Air Transport Assoc) (must register to get access to articles) (Transport Topics)

Below i attached the rubric and the sample paper for extra help.

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