is this article helpful in your understanding of the topic? why? how?

The purpose of this assignment is to get you critically thinking about the literature you are reading during your research. We are all conditioned to think that anything we see in print can be trusted. However, taking a critical stance can assist us in our exploration of the literature on a topic as well as help you develop your own ideas about your topic.
The articles that you choose should be scholarly and a minimum of 10 pages in length, to provide you with enough content to critique.
The Article Reviews should be 2-3 pages long (under is not OK, a little over is. However, the point of academic research writing is to be concise, so please keep that in mind.) Standard APA formatting should be applied, however no cover page or abstract is required.
Bibliographic Information
A proper reference citation provided at the top of the assignment. Refer to an annotated bibliography for proper formatting. More can be found here:
A brief summary of the article
I want to get the jist of the article so I can understand your critique. One paragraph should suffice.
This should not extend to the second page of the paper.
A detailed analysis of the article
This is where you show your comprehension of the material and demonstrate your critical thinking skills.
Think about:
is the argument made clearly?
is there appropriate evidence? if so, what is it? if not, what’s missing?
is the argument/position logical?
are assertions in the article well-supported?
is the argument/position convincing?
is this article helpful in your understanding of the topic? why? how?
Please don’t use these questions and simply put answers to them. Use these as a guide to your writing and make it flow. Formal writing and grammar should also be utilized.

I am researching IT in healthcare for this class. You can find a article related to that
I will upload a example of this!

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